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MezGouf Restaurant

MezGouf Restaurant was established July 2017 known as the first of its kind in all of Canada. We are a family owned business with hopes and dreams of thriving and conquering the MezGouf industry. MezGouf is an authentic Iraqi-national dish. The word translates to the method of how the fish is cooked. The fish is sliced vertically down the back and hooked onto rods to be smoked infront of the fire. We are uniquely known for making the MezGouf the traditional way, char-grilled over an open-fire served with tanoor Iraqi bread. Our MezGouf is grilled in a separate chamber where clients can be taken to observe their fish.

We harbor tanks of live Buffalo Carp and Tilapia fish for the clients to choose from. We pride ourselves in delivering the best quality possible, with our talented chefs and professional Iraqi- masgouf chef, we have perfected the delicious middle eastern cuisine ethic.

We serve many authentic fish dishes besides the masgouf, such as Mutabak Samak, Golden-fried Pomfret (Zubaidi) and Sultan Ibrahim (mullet). For those who do not favor seafood, we offer a wide range of middle eastern dishes from Iraqi- kebab to shawarma and falafel sandwhiches.

Its the passion in our recipes and family ora that will make your visit to MezGouf truly unforgettable. We have collaborated a beautiful atmosphere, with welcoming staff and excellent food. You will be coming back for more.